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Master of Meat

Niche categories are a fantastic way to gain a brand following, which was the exact way Rob wanted to position his digital publication. With the seemingly endless popularity of food blogs, Master of Meat builds on the model by adding in a variety of education content, such as a podcast, interviews, articles and more. This is the one-stop-shop for any meat enthusiast. 


Brand Moodboard

The inspiration for the brand revolved around a well-worn, hand-made feel. This added the personal touch that Master of Meat wanted to convey, all while pushing this predominately male-centric topic to a more gender-neutral zone. 


Keeping It Loose

Illustration support the brand and give the wordmark to have some variation in it's application. These illustrations are built in the same loose and inky way as the wordmark itself, allowing them to work together or completely separate of each other.


On top of the playful illustrations, the brand messaging comes in with a lighter tone on the topic of finding, cooking, and enjoying meat. This further pushes the brand away from an overly masculine execution into a more approachable position for readers.