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Design studio Friend & Fort forges big solutions with a lightweight approach, bringing brands to life with empathetic, impactful, and creative design.


The idea.


My name is Jesse Lindhorst. I founded Friend & Fort to empower small business and connect to new audiences honestly and powerfully. I forge big solutions with a lightweight approach and bring it all to life with empathetic, impactful, and creative design.




Steadfast dedication.

Clear vision.

Infectious optimism.


Real, honest craft.


Whether I'm pushing through long-haul projects or hammering out quick-turn assignments, my attention to detail holds true. As a holistic creative, I boldly tackle new challenges and stay devoted to making the best work. My creative sweet spot is in brand and web design, packaging, print and illustration.

My passion for craft begins with establishing relationships with like-minded partners who care about bettering their community, environment, and industry. These connections fuel me to make work that matters. 


Some of the great people I've helped:


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F&F is based in Minneapolis, Minn. Land of the polar vortex. Let’s connect, grab a pour-over, and make something great.

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